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Womersley, H.B.S. (1984). The marine benthic flora of southern Australia. Part I: Chlorophyta. Woolman, Government Printer, South Australia, Adelaide.
Womersley, H. B. S.
The marine benthic flora of southern Australia
Part I: Chlorophyta. Woolman, Government Printer, South Australia, Adelaide
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Central Indo-Pacific for Cladophoropsis Børgesen, 1905 
Central Indo-Pacific for Microdictyon Decaisne, 1841 
Cold Temperate Northwest Atlantic for Microdictyon Decaisne, 1841 
Eastern Indo-Pacific for Cladophoropsis Børgesen, 1905 
Eastern Indo-Pacific for Microdictyon Decaisne, 1841 
Lusitanian for Microdictyon Decaisne, 1841 
Mediterranean Sea for Microdictyon Decaisne, 1841 
Temperate Australasia for Cladophoropsis Børgesen, 1905 
Temperate Australasia for Microdictyon Decaisne, 1841 
Temperate Australasia for Pedobesia MacRaild & Womersley, 1974 
Temperate Northern Atlantic for Cladophoropsis Børgesen, 1905 
Temperate Northern Atlantic for Pedobesia MacRaild & Womersley, 1974 
Temperate Northern Pacific for Cladophoropsis Børgesen, 1905 
Temperate Northern Pacific for Pedobesia MacRaild & Womersley, 1974 
Temperate South America for Cladophoropsis Børgesen, 1905 
Temperate Southern Africa for Cladophoropsis Børgesen, 1905 
Temperate Southern Africa for Pedobesia MacRaild & Womersley, 1974 
Tropical Atlantic for Cladophoropsis Børgesen, 1905 
Tropical Atlantic for Microdictyon Decaisne, 1841 
Tropical Atlantic for Pedobesia MacRaild & Womersley, 1974 
Tropical Eastern Pacific for Cladophoropsis Børgesen, 1905 
Western Indo-Pacific for Cladophoropsis Børgesen, 1905 
Western Indo-Pacific for Microdictyon Decaisne, 1841 
Western Indo-Pacific for Pedobesia MacRaild & Womersley, 1974 

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